Thrilling Law Firm Marketing Jobs To Kickstart 2021

Legal marketing is among the essential practices necessary for a lucrative law business. Law firm marketing jobs help to propel an outstanding image and attract clients to the firm.

Law marketing professionals cover various topics, from building analytics to email marketing. Good marketing is a must for law firm owners as it enables a firm to stand out in the overwhelming legal market.

About Legal Marketing Jobs

Jobs in legal marketing require professionals to be familiar with law firm management and maintenance. Needless to say, they should be law marketing enthusiasts with the ability to come up with exquisite marketing ideas that meet a legal firm’s demands cost-effectively.

Law marketing professionals must be self-confident and pay great attention to detail. Long-term outlooks and persistence are critical for recommending and assessing marketing efforts.

Professionals have to be autonomous, self-motivated, decision-makers, and able to multitask. Exquisite computer skills are obligatory — law marketing experts must know how to use word processing, graphic design, and spreadsheet software.

Since law firm marketing is oriented towards promoting a firm, legal marketing professionals must have impeccable communication skills. Besides, they must know how to translate complex legal jargon into everyday language.

Written communication has to be precise, straightforward, and transparent.

Good intuition and judgment are necessary to make effective decisions. Excellent verbal communication skills are mandatory to deal with the press and clients, especially in confrontation cases.

Legal marketing professionals need to be good listeners as well. They should be capable of one-on-one communication, as well as dealing with large groups of people.

Efficient law marketing experts stimulate confidence and motivation in lawyers with different personalities, communication styles, advancement objectives, and practices. Also, they should manage stress effortlessly.

What Do Legal Marketing Professionals Do?

Law firm marketing jobs involve various duties and responsibilities. Greater responsibilities bring more opportunities for career advancement.

Instead of elementary management and implementation of marketing plans, legal marketing professionals will have the opportunity to build and strategize them.

As most of these positions don’t require a college certificate or diploma, the role includes reporting to a range of superiors — managing and marketing partners, committee administrators, or executive directors.

Therefore, entry-level marketing jobs will possibly involve managing and carrying out marketing plans that are already prepared. 


Depending on the exact role, legal marketing professionals may have a wide range of different duties. Some of them are explained further in the text.

Public Relations

Law marketing professionals manage the entire public relations sector of a legal firm. In contrast to what everyone believes, public relations aren’t limited only to promotion and advertising.

They involve advocating community engagement, charity donations, and sponsorship of the company’s employees and members.

Public relations also include identifying opportunities for lawyers and other staff’s professional development and providing adequate client services and relations.

Legal marketing experts’ tasks are to develop, maintain, and improve the company’s image. That’s accomplished via building their relationships with clients, personnel, press, and vendors. They also help other employees with an adequate display of the company’s image.

Data Management

Marketing jobs in a law firm also involve dealing with databases of former, current, and prospective clients. The purpose of these databases is to send clients business newsletters, announcements, surveys, and other advertising activities.

Law marketing experts create and assess client surveys to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the company. They also give an insight into customer satisfaction, anticipation, and concerns.

Marketing professionals follow new business referral sources and keep good relations with them.

Promo Material Coordination

A legal marketing job requires the coordination and implementation of promo material. Legal marketing experts have to communicate with graphic and web designers, desktop and mail publishers, printers, and advertisers.

Such coordination further requires marketing professionals to arrange meetings and seek and assess project bids.

They must also draft, revise, and review advertisements, tear sheets, and all other materials, monitor the progress and reactions and report to their seniors.

Company’s Biography Maintenance

Marketing jobs in a law firm require professionals to take care of the company’s biography. They should research and propose opportunities for workers to enhance their credentials.

The biography maintenance requires organizing photo shooting of current employees and arranging their biographies. Besides, it also includes keeping a record of employees’ professional accomplishments, memberships, and present clients.

Material Preparation

Outlining and organizing speaking engagements, conferences, seminars, and training allow lawyers to advertise their services in their field of specialty.

Law firm marketing positions require professionals to prepare handouts and visual material for those events. To do so, they must be familiar with lawyers’ activities and publications to define and propose adequate engagements.

Internet Presence

Law marketing experts may be required to create and maintain the company’s websites and online directories to ensure a sufficient internet presence. They should also collect news reports and draw up press releases yearly, monthly, or as needed.

Types of Law Marketing Firm Jobs

Law marketing is a complex practice that involves several positions. Depending on the role in the firm, duties and responsibilities for each position may vary. 

Law Firm Marketing Director

A law firm’s marketing director is fully responsible for all marketing campaigns, public relations, business development, and internal communication. They’re expected to have strong leadership skills, exceptional written and oral communication skills, and a proactive approach.

Core duties of a legal marketing director include marketing jobs such as:

  • Social media management — posting content, managing the company’s brand and image, engaging with users, and similar
  • Legal firm website modifications — adding or removing attorneys, adding new locations, modifying biographies and photos, etc.
  • Content marketing — online press releases, whitepapers, a digital rendition of speeches, blog posts, and more
  • Event management and planning — generating event ideas, assessing sponsorships, managing events, and responding to the event follow-ups
  • Competitive landscape analysis and tracking — observing what other respected firms are doing on the internet, TV, or in print, and strive to do better
  • Promotion via speaking engagements — promoting attorneys on the speaking circuit
  • Media interaction — interviews, press releases, Q&A, and similar
  • Outlining, executing, and observing marketing campaigns on channels involving paid search, TV, direct mail, and similar — continuous investigation of new crimes and informing attorneys about new opportunities
  • Legal referral management — keeping a list of referral sources
  • Email newsletters and e-marketing
  • Metrics and reporting — updating superiors with detailed reports and metrics on how everything is done across all channels.
Marketing Data Analysts

Legal firm marketing data analysts must understand the legal market and its consumers. They must also have exceptional analytical and research skills and the capacity to multitask. This position requires good organization and excellent attention to detail.

Marketing data analysts will have to stick to deadlines, so they should be able to work under pressure. Verbal and written communication skills are a must.

Regarding qualifications, a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience are required, as well as a background in data analysis and marketing.

Marketing Data Analyst’s duties and responsibilities are the following:

  • Handling data and analytics
  • Performing in-depth data analysis, web analysis, and attribution
  • Cooperating with relevant departments to create strategic reporting and dashboard
  • Executing web analytics initiatives with Google Analytics
  • Monitoring database development and adjustment
  • Ensuring databases projects are finished
  • Collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical data to report to upper management

Requirements for legal firm marketing jobs include:

  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of marketing business analytics
  • Experience with marketing technologies such as Salesforce CRM, Invoca, Python, PPC, and similar
  • Ability to deal with large datasets
Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is among the most sought-after roles regarding legal marketing jobs. This position involves tactical planning, project management, and carrying out integrated marketing campaigns and events.

These include community marketing events, digital and content marketing, and social media management. 

A Marketing Manager has the following duties:

  • Planning, carrying out, and managing promotional event marketing
  • Analyzing market data to help with devising upcoming marketing strategies
  • Creating, maintaining, and communicating project plans
  • Creating and editing written communication content — digital content, newsletters, social media inquiries, and similar
  • Coordinating internal events

Requirements and qualifications: 

  • Capacity to monitor how marketing tactics adjust to the company strategy
  • 2–3 years of experience in integrated brand marketing
  • Promotional event experience and project management
  • Exquisite organizational and analytical skills with great attention to detail
  • Capacity to take initiatives
  • Exquisite written communication skills
  • Experience in Google Analytics and social media platforms
  • A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, PR, business administration, advertising, or related fields
  • 2–3 years of experience in integrated marketing and project management
Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant works with companies on developing and implementing marketing strategies. They assist in coming up with detailed marketing schemes, define marketing messages, and determine the adequate marketing mix to convey the message to the target audience. 

Marketing Consultant’s duties and responsibilities:

  • Coordinating campaigns
  • Providing expert-level customer service
  • Structure, develop and manage sales pipelines
  • Social media networking
  • Creating new accounts while servicing current businesses

Requirements and qualifications:

  • 5–10 years of experience in inside/outside sales, preferably in digital media, internet marketing, and technology sales
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Expertise in low-volume relationship-based selling and consulting 

Work Environment

Legal marketing professionals typically cooperate with an array of law firm positions titles. However, as opposed to lawyers who spend most of their time in courtrooms, marketing professionals work in an office.

As is the case with all other positions, law firm marketing jobs have their advantages and disadvantages regarding the working environment.

One of the greatest drawbacks is animosity between law and marketing professionals. Even though marketing strategies generate new clients and, therefore, extra profit, attorneys find marketing activities distasteful.

Even though legal marketing emerged in the 1970s for the first time, attorneys still believe that this is a relatively new practice.

This kind of hostility may impact marketing professionals’ productivity so that they may even fail to obtain the desired results.

Illnesses and Injuries

Every legal marketing job description stated that the position is dynamic and challenging. All assignments must be completed according to specific deadlines, and often, those tend to be rather tight. When they need to meet deadlines, marketing experts have to work overtime until the project is finished.

This imposes a lot of pressure and stress, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that legal marketing experts end up burned out, no matter if they work in legal marketing companies or law offices. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle excessive pressure and stress. 

Prolonged stress and burnout may weaken the immune system and thus result in a range of illnesses and disorders such as increased blood pressure, heart problems, mental issues, PTSD, depression, and similar. 

How to Become a Legal Marketing Professional

Many professionals start considering a legal marketing career after acquiring experience in some other legal fields. Several legal professional roles may provide sufficient expertise to prepare you for legal marketing.

For instance, many duties and responsibilities of a law marketing professional might match those of a legal administrator. It’s not uncommon that different professions’ duties overlap within the same law firm.

Important Qualities

To provide legal marketing services, you don’t necessarily need to have a college degree. However, there are some skills and knowledge you must possess. First of all, you must be well-acquainted with marketing strategies. For instance, you must be familiar with SQL and marketing business analytics.

Furthermore, you must know how to carry out data-driven analysis and coordinate campaigns. Also, you must be a proficient computer user with excellent verbal and written communication skills. Last but not least, you have to be knowledgeable about particular legal practices and procedures.


There isn’t a specific course or training that will prepare you for legal marketing jobs. Some companies require a bachelor’s degree in business analytics or marketing, but any other that allows you to acquire mandatory legal and marketing knowledge and skills will do. 

Both professionals who are just entering the realm of legal marketing and veterans who have been practicing this profession for quite a while may want to join the Legal Marketing Association.

This community allows professionals to connect with their peers with whom they discuss and generate new ideas. It helps legal marketing professionals build their lucrative careers, acquire new knowledge or skills, and thus be more successful and efficient in their job.   


Legal marketing professionals have different roles and titles, and their responsibilities and salaries will vary accordingly. According to ZipRecruiter, a law firm marketing manager salary may range from only $23,000 to even $116,000.

However, the national average amounts to $60,579 per year. This average suggests that there might be fewer advancement opportunities based on a skill level. However, the salary might increase based on location and years of expertise.

Similarly, the average legal marketing salary for the marketing director position amounts to $65,129 annually. Again, there are not many advancement opportunities based on skills, but pay raise according to location and years of expertise is entirely possible.

Job Outlook

Since a growing number of high-school graduates pursue tertiary education, many of them opt for law schools.

Every year, the number of future lawyers increases, raising competition between law firms. If you google “business attorney near me,” you’ll see that there are numerous law offices that might need law marketing professionals. 

The growing number of law firms and offices further raises the demand for legal marketing professionals. The reason is quite straightforward — more small law firms will begin implementing big corporations’ marketing strategies and will need a good professional who can successfully carry out the tasks.

Googling “law firm marketing jobs NYC” is yet another evidence of legal marketing professionals’ demand. Just one of the mentioned results, ZipRecruiter, lists as many as 335 law marketing positions. This figure proves that the need for these professionals is ever-growing.   

The Bottom Line

Law firm marketing jobs include various levels of accountability that are in accordance with marketing professionals. The pay rate will depend on the level of responsibility.

Even though college diplomas aren’t explicitly required to become a legal marketing professional, education in marketing or journalism will significantly increase your prospects of obtaining this role.

Paired with outstanding communication skills and proficient computer skills, they will undoubtedly ensure the legal marketing professional’s role for you.